Debra Raybold, a coach with neuroscience leadership expertise, shares her outlook on life that can be summarized in one word: mindset. And she reviews a powerful, research-based book that can provide the keys to unlocking potential at any stage of life.

When was the last time a book offered just one word that could forever change your perspective? Mindset is that book. Mindset is that word.

The way we think about our skills and abilities is deeply embedded, often trained into us from childhood, and is what Carol Dweck, Ph.D. calls our ‘mindset’. It runs in the background without our realizing it and reveals itself through our actions and reactions. Surfacing our mindset is another way to explore the stories we have internalized and how those stories influence our motivation, guide our decisions, and ultimately impact our success. As a brain-based coach who works with people on self-mastery, I’ve found mindset to be a doorway into profound self awareness.

When was the last time a book offered just one word that could forever change your perspective? Mindset is that book. Mindset is that word.

What bubbles up for you when faced with an opportunity outside your comfort zone? Curiosity and excitement to try something new? Hesitation and worry about if you will ace it? Your answer is fueled by your mindset.

Dweck profiles two mindsets:  ‘fixed mindset’, in which we believe our traits and abilities to be static and ‘growth mindset’, in which be believe our basic abilities and intelligence can be developed with attention and effort. She shares insights as to how these mindsets develop, and are woven throughout our individual lives, our school and business successes, our leadership and workplace engagement. Looking at how you were parented, how you parent, how you lead, and how you play a role in the mindset of others can be a game changer.

Dweck’s style is is engaging, and her stories thought provoking. It’s worth the read to find the aha and strategies to adopt the mindset to best support what you’re ready for next.

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