Barbara Waxman's Five Essential Elements, Five to Thrive Quiz and Activation Guide Middlescence

Thrive personally and professionally, as your best and most effective self with The Five Essential Elements.

Create your foundation for a highly successful personal and professional life, with a structured investment in yourself to achieve the results you desire (and deserve). Start today with The Five Essential Elements, take the Quiz, and create your Activation Guide.

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The Challenge

Cultural norms reinforce an approach to life that runs counter to fulfilling your potential.

We’ve been conditioned to associate top performance with long hours spent at work, minimal hours spent at sleep, and the greatest number of productivity apps installed our smartphone. Is this way of operating allowing you to be the best, most impactful version of yourself? On an organizational level, are we supporting people in ways that increase their level of engagement and productivity?

The answer is a resounding “No”.

Athletes, musicians and other top performers are the ones we typically associate with taking intentional steps to enable them to be their very best. They have created a life based around what we call The Five Essentials Elements and are diligent about making good lifestyle choices by consciously activating a mindset that keeps them ‘at the top of their game.’

Activate your mindset with The Five Essential Elements.

The Opportunity

Create a foundation for a highly successful life, with structured investment in yourself.

The Five Essential Elements process

Our most valuable currency is not money or time–it is energy.

The Five Essential Elements process was created to help you lead your own version of a successful life, personally and professionally. Contrary to popular belief, your most valuable currency is not money or time–it is energy. Enhance your energy and you will have increased your focus, emotional equanimity, creativity, and ability to engage with people and causes you care about.

Discover the Essential Elements.

The Five Essential Elements to Thrive Personally and Professionally by Barbara Waxman Middlescence

Create your action plan.

The Five to Thrive Activation Guide by Barbara Waxman Executive Coach

Start today with
The Five Essential ElementsTM

Discover The Five Essential Elements, take the Quiz, and create your Activation Guide.

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“I was shocked by the new insights that The Thriving Quiz unsurfaced! I thought I was thriving and turns out I have room to raise the bar to supercharge my mojo!”

Lisa Kavanaugh,
Leadership Coach

"The Quiz was a quick and intuitive way to assess how well I'm thriving across a broad spectrum of areas and make commitments to myself and those who will hold me accountable...

Eric Westberg
Nicoya Consulting

“The Process helped me set clear, achievable commitments for myself and makes the process of succeeding and self-actualizing so manageable and less daunting.”

Jaye Chen, COO
Intl. Institute for Education

Barbara Waxman MS, MPA, PCC

Executive & Life Coaching in Middlescence with Barbara Waxman

Barbara Waxman is the authority on Middlescence and a passionate advocate for aging, wisdom, and thriving in midlife. Her greatest mission is to shift cultural norms around aging, by establishing Middlescence as a new life stage. As one of the only Gerontologist coaches in the United States, Barbara founded Odyssey Group Coaching LLC. Drawing on decades of experience, Barbara offers her one-of-a-kind coaching model, Entrepreneurship Turned Inward©, and proprietary content including the Five Essential Elements© to help middlescents thrive personally and professionally.

She is the author of two books examining aging, including The Middlescence Manifesto: Igniting the Passion of Midlife. Her work has been featured on CBS This Morning, Marin Magazine, and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, to name a few. A Wexner Heritage Foundation Fellow, Barbara holds Masters Degrees in both Administration and Gerontology, with certifications from the International Coach Federation and The Hudson Institute.

Originally from New York, Barbara lives in Northern California. An inveterate globetrotter, she has ‘repotted’ in Italy and recently spent time on a ‘leadership repotting’ journey in India. Her community involvement includes work with ExtraFood, How Women Lead, and Beyond Differences.

Barbara Waxman Professional Certified Coach Middlescence
Barbara Waxman Hudson Institute Certified Coach
Barbara Waxman Global Institute of Leadership Development Coach

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