How to Reach Beyond the Rut of Rituals and Good Intentions

I'll be the first to admit that I have sometimes found myself nearly robotic in the pursuit of building routines and rituals to enjoy the many benefits they can create. After all, we're inundated with the need to focus on forming good habits, daily routines, and annual rituals to achieve success (whatever our definition of success may be). From small repetitive often unconscious habits, to curated morning routines, and even annual New Year's resolution rituals surround us. And, therein lies the culprit of why many of our good intentions often end up as ruts that sabotage our results.

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How can you be the one in five? Follow the three steps below and download the free coaching exercise.

1. Ask Meaningful Questions

Looking back and taking an honest assessment of what's really happening, where you really are, and what's really holding you back, is an important first step. Ask questions like:

What exactly does success mean to me? (Write a colorful, detailed description)

What values are reflected in my definition of success?

Do my current daily behaviors reflect my living by those values?

2. Be Micro-Ambitious

Pick specific, measurable, time-oriented goals that are, in your mind, do-able. You’ll find yourself feeling more successful and staying committed in ways you may have not done in the past. Given the criteria above:

What are three goals I can reach this year and how will I know when they have been achieved?

What 3 daily behaviors will be evidence that I am on track?

What are 3 of my strengths that I am committed to build upon?

3. Invest in Yourself

In my own journey, I have found a difficult place to start is a radically honest self-assessment and mindful introspection. Both are necessary to create a foundation for a highly successful personal and professional life. Then follow introspection with structured investment in yourself.

What is one practice I can invest in to renew and restore my energy every week?

What does it look like for me to practice extreme self-care of that type that yields great results?

What two things bring me joy and how can I commit to having them in my life?

You can produce the extraordinary results you desire and deserve for 2020.

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