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Are you in the midst of a personal, health or career transition? Do you want your personal and professional leadership to feel more engaged, energetic and impactful? Are you roughly between 45 and 65 years old?  You may not know it but you are firmly in the midst of a new life stage I call MiddlescenceThrough leadership coaching, engaging workshops and impactful speaking engagements, I can help you use your accumulated decades of experience to make this perhaps the most fulfilling and impactful time of your life. Youth is not wasted on the young; it is invested in them to prepare them for Middlescence!



My passion, as a gerontologist and coach, is to change our national conversation about what it means to be in midlife. The years we have added to our lives aren’t at the end – they are in the middle. These 20+ years are a brand new life stage no one has named or knows what to do with. Until now. I call it Middlescence.

Join me in a movement to change how we think about and live this new life stage. Find the power and potential to transform your life personally and professionally.

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You Are Needed Now More Than Ever: Introducing The Middlescence Manifesto

You Are Needed Now More Than Ever: Introducing The Middlescence Manifesto

November 22, 2016

The past few weeks have been divisive and stressful for all of us. Danny Grossman, CEO of the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation, summed it up well: “The sense of mutual alienation and lack of understanding across our society have never been so profound…There are clearly many challenges ahead and many gulfs to bridge.” We … Read More

A Look at a Book-The Road to Character by David Brooks

A Look at a Book-The Road to Character by David Brooks

October 25, 2016

A Look at a Book is a new series I’m hosting to help keep you informed about the latest books having to do with adult development and middlescence. Why is this important? The books coming onto the market are a reflection of our struggle with the very idea of aging in America. A Look at … Read More

Are You a Middlescent?

Are You a Middlescent?

October 18, 2016

Busting the Stereotypes of Aging Midlife—turning anything over 40 – seems to begin the slippery slope of ageism.  Birthday cards telegraph that the best part of life is behind you.  Anti-aging products are targeted at you.  Articles tell you how to dress for our age.  It’s as though some time bomb went off and suddenly … Read More

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