Cultivate a New Kind of ROI

You can enjoy the rewards, influence, and impact of your leadership without sacrificing your energy, equanimity and the relationships that matter most.

Lead with purpose
for meaningful results.

Expand your leadership
capacity, influence and impact.

Create clarity out of
chaos and complexity.

Increase your energy,
equanimity and resilience.

Live authentically aligned
with your core values.

Navigating today's complex challenges and the demands of leadership can feel depleting and isolating.

We’ve been conditioned to value productivity over passion, achievement over fulfillment, and associate success with long hours, minimal sleep and unsustainable personal sacrifice. These misguided norms undermine your leadership capacity and lead to less engagement, focus, productivity, joy and connection.

Are you feeling out of sync with an increasing sense of burnout and reactivity?

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated by your attempts to balance work and life?

Do self-limiting beliefs and internal naysayers diminish your willingness to take risks?

Are your relationships, personally and professionally, as strong as they could be?

Coaching for a New Kind of ROI

You don’t have to choose between successful leadership and depletion. Leverage Barbara’s experience and proven coaching methodology.


Five to Thrive in 2022

Increase your energy and resilience, gain the clarity you need to determine your next steps, and cultivate your focus and growth with pragmatic tools.


The Consciously Curated Life

During this Mastery Week you'll explore the new reality of Middlescence at the intersection of Chip Conley's concept of the Modern Elder to gain a new understanding of the growth and development that will allow you to create clarity out of chaos, regenerate and renew.

Barbara shares resources to help you cultivate the pillars of resilient leadership: mindset, energy management, and work-life integration.

Cultural norms and rampant ageism have labeled midlife as a crisis riddled with stagnation and decrepitude. The reality is entirely different and full of potential. Old constructs no longer apply.

Step into new ways of thinking and leading.

Take the Five to Thrive Quiz©

New and updated for 2021, Barbara’s science-based, proprietary Five Essential Elements process will enable you to discover how the Elements can change your life. Assess your current energy status and turn insights into action by creating an activation plan to cultivate clarity out of chaos, live authentically and expand your leadership capacity.

Expert Coach, Caring Truth-Teller, Strategic Thought Partner, and Accountability Advocate

Barbara Waxman, founder of Odyssey Group Coaching, is passionate about building leaders’ personal and professional skills so they can thrive while increasing their ability to manage complexity and maximize their effectiveness. With more than two decades of experience coaching CEOs, C-suite leaders, and entrepreneurs, Barbara utilizes a holistic approach to help clients lead and communicate authentically, sustain high performance and expand their influence and impact.

Barbara’s coaching philosophy is simple: guide with integrity and compassion, inspire with honesty and a light heard, and share with strength and purpose. Her experience as a Gerontologist and coach has culminated in the proprietary transformative coaching model, Entrepreneurship Turned Inward©, and her science-based Five Essential Elements© process. Barbara has worked in the automotive, financial services, health care, nonprofit, and technology sectors, among others.