Midlife and better
on your terms.

In Middlescence we have the ability to forge a vibrant, exciting path forward, if we have the tools needed to harness our energy, creativity, and wisdom.

Achieve the impactful and
sustainable results you crave.

Coaching is a personalized and dynamic process with two, often overlapping, areas of focus: executive and life. It’s about you, the 24/7 version of you.

It’s time to dismantle the Myth. The reality is that midlife may just be one of the richest, most potential-filled times of your life. What if we lived in a way that anticipates it as a time to pick up the pen and become the author of our future life story of growth, joy, love, and impact?

MARCH 9TH, 2021
Join gerontologist and nationally renowned coach Barbara Waxman for a dynamic and interactive workshop on cultivating an energetic and empowered middlescence on your own terms. In this workshop, Barbara transforms your view of middlescence and provides tools to restore and maintain your energy, integrating lecture, self-assessment, and interactive exercises.

Step into new ways of thinking and showing up in the world.

New and updated for 2021, the science-based, proprietary Five Essential Elements© process will help you discover how the Elements can be a part of your daily life, assess your current energy status, and determine your next best steps plan.

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