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Are you in the midst of a personal, health or career transition? Do you want your personal and professional leadership to feel more engaged, energetic and impactful? Are you roughly between 45 and 65 years old?  You may not know it but you are firmly in the midst of a new life stage I call MiddlescenceThrough leadership coaching, engaging workshops and impactful speaking engagements, I can help you use your accumulated decades of experience to make this perhaps the most fulfilling and impactful time of your life. Youth is not wasted on the young; it is invested in them to prepare them for Middlescence!





My passion, as a gerontologist and coach, is to change our national conversation about what it means to be in midlife. The years we have added to our lives aren’t at the end – they are in the middle. These 20+ years are a brand new life stage no one has named or knows what to do with. Until now. I call it Middlescence.

Join me in a movement to change how we think about and live this new life stage. Find the power and potential to transform your life personally and professionally.

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Generations Weigh In: What Are the Best Years of Our Lives?

Generations Weigh In: What Are the Best Years of Our Lives?

August 26, 2016

(From Huff/Post50) A recent piece in Vanity Fair revealed the results of a poll they sponsored along with 60 Minutes. It is a fascinating look at how the different generations – Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers & Millennials – look at each other and the world: “We love to slice and dice (the generations) and play … Read More

Five Essentials For An Olympic-size Life At Any Age

Five Essentials For An Olympic-size Life At Any Age

August 18, 2016

(Originally published on Huff/Post 50) U.S. Swimmer Anthony Ervin, at 35 years old, knocked Michael Phelps (31) off the block as the oldest swimmer to earn gold at the Olympics. No one can forget Dara Torres, who at 40, broke her own swimming record in the 50-meter freestyle just 15 months after having her first … Read More

When They Go Low, We (Middlescents) Go High

When They Go Low, We (Middlescents) Go High

August 9, 2016

(Originally posted on Huff/Post 50) If make-up artist turned super model Cindy Joseph had let age define her potential, she never would have accepted Ford’s offer to become a model at 60. And she certainly wouldn’t have launched her own line of cosmetics for women of every generation. She made a choice to not let … Read More


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