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Do you want your personal and professional leadership to feel more engaged, energetic and impactful? Are you in the midst of a personal, health or career transition? Are you somewhere between your mid 40's and mid 60's?  You may not know it but you are firmly in the midst of a new life stage I call MiddlescenceThrough leadership coaching, engaging workshops and impactful speaking engagements, I can help you use your accumulated decades of experience to make this perhaps the most fulfilling and impactful time of your life. 


My passion, as a gerontologist and coach, is to change our national conversation about what it means to be in midlife. The years we have added to our lives aren’t at the end – they are in the middle. These 20+ years are a brand new life stage no one has named or knows what to do with. Until now. I call it Middlescence.

Join me in a movement to change how we think about and live this new life stage. Find the power and potential to transform your life personally and professionally.

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FROM THE BLOG Names “Middlescence” the Word of the Day Names “Middlescence” the Word of the Day

March 9, 2017

Imagine my surprise when an acquaintance sent me an email, excited about the fact that “middlescence” is’s word of the day. What really thrilled me is that people are recognizing the word middlescence and the work we are doing to spread the word about the importance of this new life stage in lives of … Read More

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