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Do you want your personal and professional leadership to feel more engaged, energetic and impactful? Are you in the midst of a personal, health or career transition? Are you somewhere between your mid 40's and mid 60's?  You may not know it but you are firmly in the midst of a new life stage I call MiddlescenceThrough leadership coaching, engaging workshops and impactful speaking engagements, I can help you use your accumulated decades of experience to make this perhaps the most fulfilling and impactful time of your life. 


My passion, as a gerontologist and coach, is to change our national conversation about what it means to be in midlife. The years we have added to our lives aren’t at the end – they are in the middle. These 20+ years are a brand new life stage no one has named or knows what to do with. Until now. I call it Middlescence.

Join me in a movement to change how we think about and live this new life stage. Find the power and potential to transform your life personally and professionally.

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A Look At A Book—Mindset by Carol Dweck

A Look At A Book—Mindset by Carol Dweck

February 26, 2018

Debra Raybold, a coach with neuroscience leadership expertise, shares how her outlook on life changed as a result of this powerful, research-based book that provides the keys to unlocking potential at any stage of life.

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