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Barbara Waxman is the leading authority on Middlescence and a passionate advocate for aging, wisdom, and thriving in midlife. Her mission is to shift cultural norms around aging by establishing Middlescence as a unique life stage. Barbara is the founder of Odyssey Group Coaching LLC which includes her one-of-a-kind coaching model, Entrepreneurship Turned Inward©, and science-based, proprietary content such as the Five Essential Elements© to help middlescents thrive personally and professionally. She is one of the only Gerontologist-coaches in the United States. Her breakthrough coaching has inspired hundreds of individuals and senior leaders with compassion, honesty, and a light heart while incorporating cutting edge research and methodologies.

Barbara is the author of two books examining aging, including, most recently, The Middlescence Manifesto: Igniting the Passion of Midlife. She is an Advisory Council Member for the Stanford Center on Longevity, a faculty member at Modern Elder Academy, and an Angel Investor in the active aging and longevity space with Portfolia. Her work has been featured in multiple media outlets, including CBS This Morning, Marin Magazine, and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. A Wexner Heritage Foundation Fellow, Barbara holds master’s degrees in both Public Administration and Gerontology from the University of Southern California, and coaching certifications from the International Coach Federation and The Hudson Institute.

An inveterate globetrotter, she has ‘repotted’ in Italy and recently spent time on a ‘leadership repotting’ journey in India. Her community involvement includes work with and Beyond Differences. Barbara is a lifelong learner, hiker, yogi, sometime chef, and loves stepping just outside of her comfort zone. Originally from New York, Barbara lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband, Scott, and is thankful to have her adult children not too far away.

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“I loved Barbara’s presence at the event: powerfully soft and approachable, grounded and warm, wise and on her “edge.” She was generous, beautiful, and excitingly real and alive!”

Inspiring audiences with passion, intelligence, and humor towards clarity, commitment, and action.

As a gerontologist, coach, and the leading authority on Middlescence Barbara Waxman brings decades of experience honed from her work with hundreds of clients with deep and varied backgrounds. She brings her unique coaching model, Entrepreneurship Turned Inward© coaching model, and proprietary content including The Five Essential Elements©, and the Five to Thrive Quiz© to inspire audiences toward clarity, commitment, and action.

Keynote and Topics

Middlescence: Midlife and Better on Your Terms

A life stage created by longevity patterns of the 21st century.

Cultural norms and rampant ageism have labeled midlife as a crisis riddled with stagnation and decrepitude. The reality is entirely different and full of potential. Old constructs no longer apply. We are trailblazers.

Far too often, stereotypes become ageist arrows we point at ourselves. Most people don’t understand that we continue to develop and grow as adults. Once we have the tools to harness our energy, creativity, and wisdom, we can begin to forge a vibrant, exciting path forward.

The Five Essential Elements© to Thrive in Midlife and Better

Why do some people seem to thrive in midlife, while others wither?

Unlock the answers and you will not only transform yourself, but you will also have the ability to shape others’ capacity to do the same. The Five Essential Elements™ process was created to help you lead your own version of a successful life, personally and professionally.

Contrary to popular belief, your most valuable currency is not money or time–it is energy. Enhance your energy and you will have increased your focus, emotional equanimity, creativity, and ability to engage with people and causes you care about.

Repotting: Prune the limits of what is familiar and create growth.

Despite our best efforts, why do we sometimes find ourselves stuck in the rut of routine, rituals, and familiarity?

Most of us spend our days unhappy stuck in a refusal to recognize that “busy is a decision”, and that presence is infinitely more rewarding than productivity.

When we clear things out, we can make room for what matters. We create “intentional space” for our passion and purpose. If we don’t control what fills that space, something or someone else will —maybe something more draining and stressful than what we’ve cleared out.

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