Leadership Coaching with Barbara

Leadership Coaching = Executive Coaching + Life Coaching

If you hear the term ‘coaching’ and feel skeptical, you are in good company. I felt the same way before I worked  with a seasoned professional coach. Over the past fifteen years I have developed a proprietary coaching model based on research from the fields of high performance, adult development, positive psychology and more. Entitled Entrepreneurship Turned Inward (ETI)©,  it is a process focused on building self awareness and skills as we work toward mutually identified goals, enabling you to gain clarity, skills and direction.

Using a developmental series of exercises and challenges that lead to better self-understanding– and ultimately to a plan- the ETI model helps people see past the stress, the conflict and the mental clutter to identify priorities and desires.

Leadership Coaching is about you – the 24/7 version of you.  It is an engaging and active process that helps you feel like you are thriving, happier and more effective. Each coaching engagement is customized to your needs and covers topics as appropriate, including:

  • Building your capacity to thrive
  • Understanding and dealing with the obstacles that hold you back
  • Clarifying what you value and how to live in sync with those values
  • Learning how to say yes and how to say no, effectively and at the right time
  • Enhancing your ability to communicate and engage in crucial conversations
  • Accelerating your impact as an authentic leader
  • Identifying and rejecting thought patterns that keep you stuck

“Barbara brings a very special presence to all her work. She is a deep listener, talented at identifying the unique and core dynamics of people and situations and partnering in ways that are outcome oriented. Barbara’s propriety model, Entrepreneurship Turned Inward, is an insightful perspective, presenting complex information in ways that are resonant and motivating to everyone.”

– Debra Raybold, PCC

“Barbara has an amazing talent for assessing the challenges that hold you back and helping you break through so that you can reach your personal goals and objectives both for your career and for your life holistically. I have worked with Barbara evaluating the next steps to fully actualizing my life goals including where I take my career and her brilliant guidance has been a critical component of my personal evolution.”

– Naomi Soffa

“Barbara is an amazing coach. I can say that as a coach myself. She has given me invaluable coaching in my work both as an executive coach and as a life coach.”

– Jon Huggett

Coaching FAQ:

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?
If we can imagine we all have baggage, the older we get the more baggage we have. No matter how confident we are, we have baggage. A therapist helps you identify your bag: how to unlock it, examine what’s inside and where it came from; how to determine what you can leave behind and what you will just have to pull along. If you can lift that proverbial bag into the overhead compartment, then you can take it on the road–that’s coaching. Understanding what self-limiting messages you hold in your bag, and working with those in mind, we create a future vision, gain new skills and move forward.

How many times do we meet?
When people are in the midst of a life transition, thinking about their next steps, I meet with them typically 6-12 times. When I meet with someone who is also running a team or is in a leadership role, it is typically a retainer relationship for 6, 9, 12 months.

How do we begin?
In order to determine whether working together is the best choice for you, I offer a brief call during which we ascertain whether coaching is a good fit.

Do you work with people across the country and internationally?
Yes, I work with clients across the United States and around the world.  Meetings are via Skype, phone, Hangout or in person.  Our first meeting is two hours; thereafter meetings are typically one hour.


Coaching Philosophy

Guide with integrity and compassion. Inspire with honesty and a light heart. Share with strength and purpose. Believe the best is yet to be.




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