Transformational Coaching

The art and science of a life well-lived.

If you hear the term ‘coaching’ and feel skeptical, you’re in good company. I felt the same way before I worked with a professional coach and learned just how powerful coaching can be. An experienced coach with a proven methodology can help you achieve the powerful, impactful and sustainable results you crave, personally and professionally.

Entrepreneurship Turned Inward


Combining decades of experience as a Gerontologist and coach with a life-long passion for adult development, leadership, and energy management, I developed the Entrepreneur Turned Inward™️ (ETI) coaching model. This powerful model is based on the understanding of a natural inclination to be excited about creating a new and better future by investing in things like businesses, other peoples’ success, and the like. I turned this idea on its head and ask you to invest in the business of your life and leadership.

Entrepreneurship Turned Inward© Coaching Model by Barbara Waxman

Coaching is about you, the 24/7 version of you.

Coaching is a personalized and dynamic process with two, often overlapping, areas of focus.

Executive Coaching

Game-changers who lead companies, movements, or teams.
  • Gain self-awareness as you increase and expand your leadership capacity, enhance your personal and professional success, and deliver measurable results.
  • Understand how to best use your energy in the time available and teach those skills to others.
  • Become an better listener and create a positive feed-forward culture to enhance team dynamics.
  • Catalyze a blend of aspiration and realism to apply practical strategies that yield sustainable results over time.
  • Curate a customized library of cutting edge resources and tools specific to your needs and that of your organization.

Life Coaching

Middlescents at a crossroads, ready to gain clarity and a plan.
  • Gain clarity and wisdom from your life experience in ways that enable you to reset your goals, strategies and sense of what really matters.
  • Discover and optimize the Five Essential Elements to get in ‘game shape’ for the life you want to lead.
  • Understand your core drivers in ways that simplifies decision-making and makes it easier to get traction.
  • Curate a library of innovative resources and tools specific to your goals, what matters most, and your vision of the future.
  • Create a customized plan and institute micro-steps you make it reality.
I am your expert coach, caring truth-teller, strategic thought partner, and accountability advocate.

My coaching philosophy is simple.

GUIDE with integrity and compassion.

INSPIRE with honesty and a light heart.

SHARE with strength and purpose.

BELIEVE the best is yet to be.

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Chip Conley, Hotelier and New York Times Bestselling Author

"Co-facilitating a workshop with her allowed me to see how she can mix the logical and lyrical in a fashion that allows nearly anyone to understand her approach to consciously curating one's life. She is able to ignite the passion of midlife in her clients and students partly because she is such a role model for this passionate way of being."

Chip Conley
Hotelier and New York Times Bestselling Author
Julie Castro Abrams, CEO, How Women Lead

"Barbara has a terrific tool box and is very results driven, thoughtful and organized. She helps me see different ways of viewing a situation which are transformational. She is a consummate professional and a joy to work with."

Julie Castro Abrams
CEO, How Women Lead
Blink Diversity Consultant

"As an educator, I've cultivated a solid foundation in youth development, but personally, I've realized that I lack the same level of expertise regarding my own development as an adult. I was fortunate to discover her and engage her as an executive coach. Barbara's frank expertise has been so useful in naming my experiences, providing perspective, and framing the challenges and opportunities intrinsic in this stage of my work and life. "

Alison Parks
Blink Diversity Consultant
Becky Oliver Coaching Testimonial Barbara Waxman

"I had the fortunate opportunity to receive coaching and guidance from Barbara as I navigated through questions and ambiguity around my future plans. Barbara was genuine and open in her approach. She thoughtfully led me through a series of exercises and meaningful introspection that has not only brought me clarity, but also introduced me to new ways of approaching life. This has been super powerful for me and I'm so grateful to Barbara!"

Becky Oliver
Technology Program Management
John Huggett Coaching Testimonial Barbara Waxman

"Barbara is an amazing coach. I can say that as a coach myself. She has given me invaluable coaching in my work both as an executive coach and as a life coach. And she has given me great life coaching too. I thoroughly recommend her."

Jon Huggett
Executive Coach & Board Advisor
Kirk Citron, Founder, AKQA

"After selling my company I spent some time trying to figure out what to do next. Giving up my corporate role felt like I was giving up my whole identity. But fortunately, somebody suggested I call Barbara Waxman. She helped me think clearly about my interests; allowed me to find my own process for decision making; and gave me a host of ideas I still use on a daily basis. Barbara is wise, thoughtful, supportive and-- in a good way-- tough. I recommend her highly."

Kirk Citron
Founder, AKQA
Patty Jackson, Founder, PB&J Marketing

"Barbara is deeply committed to advancing the leadership and performance of individuals and teams both at home and at work. As a Stanford GSB alum, I have had the opportunity to attend many excellent workshops and found that the materials presented were already elements that I had been working on with Barbara. Barbara Waxman's work is outstanding and I highly recommend working with her."

Patty Jackson
Founder, PB&J Marketing
Lisa Berling, Accountant & Business Consultant

"Working with Barbara as an executive business coach was life-changing. She guided me through my life and business priorities, helping me define my goals and creating parameters so that I could easily implement and achieve them. Her compassion and heartfelt understanding is what sets her apart from other executive and life coaches."

Lisa Berling
Accountant and Business Consultant
Executive & Life Coaching in Middlescence with Barbara Waxman

"I am your expert coach, caring truth-teller, strategic thought partner, and accountability advocate."

Barbara Waxman Professional Certified Coach Middlescence
Barbara Waxman Hudson Institute Certified Coach
Barbara Waxman Global Institute of Leadership Development Coach

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