Leverage the experience of an expert coach with a proven methodology.

As your caring truth-teller, strategic thought partner, and accountability advocate, Barbara will help you navigate today’s complex challenges and leadership demands while expanding your capacity, influence and impact.

Lead with purpose
for meaningful results.

Expand your leadership
capacity, influence and impact.

Create clarity out of
chaos and complexity.

Increase your energy,
equanimity and resilience.

Live authentically aligned
with your core values.

Navigating today's complex challenges
and the demands of leadership
can feel depleting and isolating.

Are you feeling out of sync with an increasing sense of burnout and reactivity?

When your actions and values aren't aligned you may feel depleted, make poor decisions and feel less able to lead others.

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated by your attempts to balance work and life?

Contrary to popular belief, work-life balance is a myth that stifles purpose, joy and your ability to engage with what matters most.

Do self-limiting beliefs and internal naysayers diminish your willingness to take risks?

All successful have experienced the impact of self-limiting beliefs: fear of failure, imposter syndrome, and indecisiveness. You are not alone.

Are your relationships, personally and professionally, as strong as they could be?

Unhealthy relationships breed distrust, stifle crucial conversations, and limit your ability to inspire, engage and influence others.

You don't have to choose between success and depletion.

Coaching for a New Kind of ROI

Entrepreneurship Turned Inward

Combining decades of experience as a coach and Gerontologist with a life-long passion for adult development, leadership, and energy management, Barbara developed the Entrepreneurship Turned Inward (ETI) coaching methodology. ETI gets at the heart of what makes entrepreneurship profound and empowering at a personal and professional level. You will cultivate the rewards, influence, and impact of your success without sacrificing your energy, equanimity, and the relationships that matter most.

ETI Coaching Model Barbara Waxman Entrepreneurship Turned Inward™

Barbara's coaching and methodology is for...

CEOs and C-Level Executives

NGO and Non-Profit Leaders

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Game-Changers & Influencers

What is the ROI of coaching?


Individuals/companies report being “satisfied or very satisfied” and 96% would repeat the process.
IFC Global Coaching Study 2019


Participants report achieving personal and professional development goals “very effectively” or “extremely effectively.”

Library of Professional Coaching


Companies said that they at least made back their initial investment, with a median ROI of 7x.

ICF Global Coaching Study 2019


Participants report having increased confidence due to soft skills and self-awareness development.

Library of Professional Coaching

Cultivate a New Kind of ROI

Leverage Barbara’s experience and proven ETI methodology.

Barbara Waxman MS, MPA, PCC
Coach, Longevity and Leadership Expert, Gerontologist, Angel Investor

Barbara’s North Star journey began with visits to the Menorah Home and Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, when she accompanied her physician father as he went there to volunteer. Years later, it became more nuanced when her then-8-year-old daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She became a navigator, which led her to the purpose-driven work she’s been doing for decades—coaching others to become their best selves for the longest time possible and for what matters most.

As founder of The Odyssey Group, Barbara is a highly sought-after longevity and leadership advocate, advisor, coach, speaker and author. Her leadership as a gerontologist in the coaching field has culminated in the transformative Entrepreneurship Turned Inward™️ (ETI) coaching model, the evidence-informed Seven Lifestyle Levers Assessment™️ and the Longevity Roadmap™️.

Featured in Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global, the Wall Street Journal, Next Avenue, the CBS This Morning show and more, Barbara shares her experience and pivotal insights on topics including how the striking advances in longevity call for a different approach to align health span with lifespan; why the midlife crisis is a myth; why middlescence is life's newest potential-filled stage; why the word retirement needs to be retired and more.

Barbara is an Advisor to the Stanford Center on Longevity, Stanford Lifestyle Medicine and is a faculty member at Chip Conley's Modern Elder Academy.  Barbara is the author of two books examining aging, including The Middlescence Manifesto: Igniting the Passion of Midlife and How to Love Your Retirement.

The Future of Resilient Leadership

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