Transformational Coaching

The art and science of a life well-lived.

If you hear the term ‘coaching’ and feel skeptical, you’re in good company. I felt the same way before I worked with a professional coach and learned just how powerful coaching can be. An experienced coach with a proven methodology can help you achieve the powerful, impactful and sustainable results you crave, personally and professionally.

Entrepreneurship Turned Inward


Combining decades of experience as a Gerontologist and coach with a life-long passion for adult development, leadership, and energy management, I developed the Entrepreneur Turned Inward™️ (ETI) coaching model. This powerful model is based on the understanding of a natural inclination to be excited about creating a new and better future by investing in things like businesses, other peoples’ success, and the like. I turned this idea on its head and ask you to invest in the business of your life and leadership.

Entrepreneurship Turned Inward© Barbara Waxman Executive Coaching

Coaching is about you, the 24/7 version of you.

Coaching is a personalized and dynamic process with two, often overlapping, areas of focus.

Executive Coaching

Game-changers who lead companies, movements, or teams.
  • Gain self-awareness as you increase and expand your leadership capacity, enhance your personal and professional success, and deliver measurable results.
  • Understand how to best use your energy in the time available and teach those skills to others.
  • Become an better listener and create a positive feed-forward culture to enhance team dynamics.
  • Catalyze a blend of aspiration and realism to apply practical strategies that yield sustainable results over time.
  • Curate a customized library of cutting edge resources and tools specific to your needs and that of your organization.

Life Coaching

Middlescents at a crossroads, ready to gain clarity and a plan.
  • Gain clarity and wisdom from your life experience in ways that enable you to reset your goals, strategies and sense of what really matters.
  • Discover and optimize the Five Essential Elements to get in ‘game shape’ for the life you want to lead.
  • Understand your core drivers in ways that simplifies decision-making and makes it easier to get traction.
  • Curate a library of innovative resources and tools specific to your goals, what matters most, and your vision of the future.
  • Create a customized plan and institute micro-steps you make it reality.
I am your expert coach, caring truth-teller, strategic thought partner, and accountability advocate.

My coaching philosophy is simple.

GUIDE with integrity and compassion.

INSPIRE with honesty and a light heart.

SHARE with strength and purpose.

BELIEVE the best is yet to be.

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