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Middlescence: A New Age. New Stage. Midlife Redefined.

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Boomers, Millennials and even Generation X get all the press, but it’s people from 45 to 65 who are at the peak of their earning power and the height of their careers, who are making discoveries, running governments, and redefining technology. In other words, for all the hype that labeling age groups get, it’s people in Middlescence who have the power to reshape everything we know and meet the great challenges of our age. But they need to choose to do it.

Middlescence the book is important because it’s changing the conversation—helping people understand that midlife is NOT a time of stagnation and decay but one of health, achievement, and giving…if they choose to embrace it.


How To Love Your Retirement

Published: March 2010, 2012
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How to Love Your Retirement shows the baby-boom generation how to plan for, and succeed at, this stage of life, whether relaxation, travel, education, or even a new occupation is the goal. Packed with helpful, entertaining stories and real-life advice from hundreds of retirees who are making the most of their post-work lives, this honest and useful guide covers such topics as how to pick the best time to retire; learning to live with a spouse 24/7; staying fit; starting fresh in business, love, and family; traveling; going back to school; and more.

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