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For as long as anyone can remember, we’ve associated midlife with unwelcome life changes and stagnation. It’s been a harbinger of future decline and potential disability, a time when people begin to worry about being “over the hill.”

Over the last century the human life expectancy has increased from 47 to nearly 80 years, and many of us will live even longer. The years added to our lives aren’t more years of being ‘old;’ rather, they have created a new life stage in the middle. More and more, people at midlife are bumping up against stereotypes and expectations that no longer fit their reality.

The Middlescence Manifesto is a call to action and a declaration of a new understanding of what it means to be in midlife today. Rather than perpetuating ageist attitudes or expectations about turning 40, 50 or 60, the Manifesto describes a path to understanding midlife as “Middlescence,” a new life stage, filled with potential, vitality and purpose. Backed by quantitative research and the qualitative data collected over Barbara Waxman’s 30 years as a gerontologist, the Manifesto establishes that Middlescents are happier and more purpose-driven than almost any other demographic segment.

The Middlescence Manifesto is designed to ignite a revolution. This new life stage – born of our increased longevity – can be filled with creativity, focus and potential. We can harness our leadership abilities to revolutionize our own lives and those of our family members, as well as revolutionizing our communities, workplaces, and the world.

Retirement years can be full of fun and interesting times if properly prepared for, and How How to Love Your Retirement is packed with helpful, entertaining stories and lots of real-life advice from hundreds of retirees who are making the most of their golden years. These inspirational, funny, and educational stories cover picking the best time to retire, learning to live with one’s spouse 24/7, returning to school, traveling, staying fit, being the best grandparent in the world, staying busy and productive, and more.

“Recommended” ‐GRAND Magazine, the magazine for Today’s Grandparents and their Grandkids

“[How to Love Your Retirement] provides snippets of advice from scores of people on how they have coped and thrived in retirement.” ‐Newsday (New York)

“How to Love Your Retirement, from publisher Hundreds of Heads, includes contributions from expert sources in finance, health, career, psychology, education and business, providing guidance on some of the challenging questions.” ‐Family Goes Strong (NBCU)

“How to Love Your Retirement, …. outlines core tips for helping people prepare for the next stage in their lives….[it] contains 10 chapters that offer wisdom on topics such as feelings and attitudes about retirement, creativity and brain fitness, finances and technology.” ‐J Weekly

“Barbara and her team conducted hundreds of interviews with boomers and older adults, collecting the best advice from them on a range of topics relating to aging and retirement. In addition to the hundreds of regular people interviewed, contributors include experts in the areas of finance, health, career, psychology, education and business.” ‐

The Five Essential Elements™

Why do some people seem to thrive in midlife, even during a challenge, while others wither?

Unlock the answers and you will not only transform yourself, but you will also have the ability to shape others’ capacity to do the same. Discover how the Five Essential Elements© can be a part of your daily life, assess your current energy status, and determine your next best steps to transform your energy and impact.

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