Healthy Aging 50+ Conference: The Seven Lifestyle Levers Assessment

As a coach to high-performing leaders and an advocate for living a life as healthy as it is long, I understand that energy matters, how we feel matters, and being in tune and attuned with our bodies matters. Researchers consider each of us an N-of-1 patient or a study of one based on the understanding that what works for some might not work for others.

Yet, in a culture of more, more, more, the study of one approach and trusting ourselves to know what works best can feel insufficient. From gadgets and monitors to watches and rings, we now have real-time access to more data in more ways than ever before, and we are continuously encouraged to buy the next new device.

Earlier this month, I was honored to speak about The Seven Lifestyle Levers Assessment™ at Healthy Aging 50+: The Science of Healthy Living Conference, hosted by Stanford’s Center on Longevity and the Lifestyle Medicine Center, where I am an advisor. Kelly and Juliet Starrett, founders of The Ready State, lit up the stage with their own take on what can get in people’s way:

“We see many people skip over the (proverbial) Mount Everest base camp, hiking up the mountain… Get yourself to base camp first. Longevity is about practicing simple basics with radical consistency.”

This resonated profoundly with most of us in the room. Our energy and vitality are like a reservoir, not an ocean. Each of us has a reservoir at different levels in different areas that can vary at different times—this is why the study of one approach is as much an art as a science. And why the path toward achieving any Big Hairy Audacious Goal, whether conquering Mount Everest or cultivating a healthful and sustainable lifestyle, begins with minor steps that, over time, create significant progress.

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates summed up his philosophy regarding life’s most important commandments with these two words: Know thyself. I couldn’t agree more. Watch my conference session below to explore the study of one approach.

Play Video about Healthy Aging 50+ Conference The Seven Lifestyle Levers Assessment with Barbara Waxman

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