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Did you know that happiness increases after age
50, particularly when it dips so low in our 40’s? No generation before us has had the potential to experience the benefits of increased longevity, sustained vitality, and the capacity to consciously curate decades of a meaningful life.

  • Explore Middlescence, the game-changing life stage created by longevity patterns of the 21st century.
  • Debunk the myth of the midlife crisis and reveal the truth about its power and potential.
  • Assess and understand your current energy state
    with Barbara’s proprietary Five to Thrive Quiz.
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  • Gain insight into the foundational Five Essential Elements© to thriving in midlife, on your terms.

The Five Essential Elements™

Why do some people seem to thrive in midlife, even during a challenge, while others wither?

Unlock the answers and you will not only transform yourself, but you will also have the ability to shape others’ capacity to do the same. Discover how the Five Essential Elements© can be a part of your daily life, assess your current energy status, and determine your next best steps to transform your energy and impact.

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