Modern Elder Academy: The Consciously Curated Life with Chip Conley and Barbara Waxman

Imagine you could consciously curate the second half of your life based upon the wisdom you’ve gathered during the first half. This workshop is dedicated to understanding how to be the artist of your midlife and develop a legacy befitting a Modern Elder. Middlescence is life’s newest stage – a period when our bodies are changing, hormones, emotions, and roles are in transition, and we can feel in a liminal space. Not yet old, but no longer young, Middlescence presents an opportunity to learn from life experience and apply wisdom toward a meaningful future. From this new life stage, a Modern Elder forms – both mentor and intern, student and sage – not with all the answers but with the gift of asking catalytic questions that will enable you to leave the week with a greater sense of direction related to your sense of purpose.

Modern Elder Academy: The Consciously Curated Life with Chip Conley and Barbara Waxman

Workshop Dates:

March 29 – April 5, 2020

Applications open till:

January 19, 2020

Scholarships announced by:

February 3, 2020

Cancelled Due to COVID-19

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Barbara Waxman's Five Essential Elements, Five to Thrive Quiz and Activation Guide Middlescence

The Five Essential Elements™

Why do some people seem to thrive in midlife, even during a challenge, while others wither?

Unlock the answers and you will not only transform yourself, but you will also have the ability to shape others’ capacity to do the same. Discover how the Five Essential Elements© can be a part of your daily life, assess your current energy status, and determine your next best steps to transform your energy and impact.

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