Thrive Global: Self-Knowledge is the Key to a Fulfilling Life

As I look towards a new year with anticipation and, let’s face it, enthusiasm peppered with some trepidation, I’m reminded that a well-lived life comes from knowing oneself first. From calling up the wisdom that lives inside each of us and has its own signature. Only once we understand and relate to ourselves can we use our innate intelligence to work with others and open our hearts and souls to the potential for future decades of joy, vitality, purpose, and impact.

My profound experience admiring the stories behind a series of stuffed animals is an offshoot of why looking through the lens of the art world is so important in our lives. I love the concept of curation and invite you to consider the following:

What if you approached the creation of your greatest opus—your next chapter—with the same humble convictions and wisdom that A.A. Milne brought to the world?

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