A Look at a Book is a new series I’m hosting to help keep you informed about the latest books having to do with adult development and middlescence. Why is this important? The books coming onto the market are a reflection of our struggle with the very idea of aging in America. A Look at a Book is an efficient, enjoyable way to stay informed.

“When you find the courage to change at midlife”, Angeles Arrien teaches, “a miracle happens”.

I want to introduce you to one of my all-time favorite books: Angeles Arrien’s The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom. Published in 2005, this book is timeless.

Working with beautiful black and white photographs, poetry, metaphors, and artfully crafted descriptions, Dr. Arrien introduces us to the Eight Gates of Initiation from diverse world cultures.

The short, poetry inspired chapters share lessons and give the reader a greater sense of meaning and greater access to understanding life’s purpose. Each chapter represents one of the eight gates and covers topics including how to deepen your most valuable relationships, reclaim your untended creative talents, and how to shift your focus from ambition to a greater level of spiritual maturity.

Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, described this book as: “a wise, unique and beautifully written guidebook for those who want to live every day of their lives.”

Angeles Arrien was a cultural anthropologist, educator and author whose profound work bridges cultural anthropology, psychology and comparative religions. Sadly, Dr. Arrien passed away in 2014.

Have you read a book on aging, adult development or midlife you would like for me to cover in A Look at a Book? Email me at Barbara@barbarawaxman.com or post on our Facebook Page.

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