The past few weeks have been divisive and stressful for all of us. Danny Grossman, CEO of the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation, summed it up well:

“The sense of mutual alienation and lack of understanding across our society have never been so profound…There are clearly many challenges ahead and many gulfs to bridge.”

We are left with a country more divided than ever before. The luxury of time spent complaining is over. What we must do now is step up and help bring our country, our communities and families together. There has never been a more critical time!

From the point of view of my new work on Middlescence and Leadership, these changes in our world are why you are needed now more than ever. The time is now to understand and claim the power that middlescence has for you. I would like to help you get started.

As some of you know, I have a full length book on middlescence slated for release next year, but with things moving so quickly, I’ve been asked to get something out and into the world sooner—something to help people—because there’s just no time to waste. With that in mind, I’m proud to share The Middlescence Manifesto. This new ebook is available now on Amazon but I would like to offer it to you as my gift.

Why Now?
For years I’ve preached that it’s time to break out of the self-imposed, cultural shackles of midlife to embrace this period in our lives as middlescence like a second adolescence, a stage of change, growth, and potential. I’ve been told that I’m way ahead of the curve on this. I’m happy to report that things are looking up! This one document, The Middlescence Manifesto, not only encapsulates my ideas about middlescence, but provides key insights – new ways of thinking about things and methods for approaching your life – that anyone can use to harness the potential of middlescence.

I would love to hear your thoughts. There has never been a more important time to embrace our power as middlescent leaders. I know the world will be better for it.

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